Re: Windows2000 coolness

 Alan Shutko twisted the bytes to say:

 Alan> Colin Fox <> writes:
 >> I think a fully GL desktop with real 3D windows positioned in 3D space
 >> would be unbelievably cool, not to mention the fact that no other OS has
 >> this. Why not start taking advantage of our 3D accelerator cards?

 Alan> If you'll accept the fact that most currently used laptops will be
 Alan> left out, sounds fine.  

I have been thinking about it for a while. If you have played
Homeworld you know the potential for 3d :)

The main problem I see is text. Text is difficult to rotate and

But I agree, a 3d windows manager will be not only cook but also
extremely useful for those of us who like tons of windows :)

In fact, maybe just a 2d environment with fish-eye views will be
extremely helpful. And a "sensors manager" to move around. actually,
now that I think about it. A sensors manager will be helpful

Ok, I am babbling now.

Daniel M. German                  "One reason that life
                                   is complex is that
                                   it has a real part and
   Andrew Koenig ->                an imaginary part."


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