Re: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size?

Iain Barnes <> writes:
> At the moment Imlib provides an API for scaling images
> whilst setting a border for the image that doesn't get
> scaled.

In that particular instance, why not just:

 - scale the image down
 - draw a rectangle in the border color
 - draw the image on top of the rectangle?

We don't want to start putting specific effects in gdk-pixbuf because
there's no real limit to the number of effects you might want to have.
(libart is the place for it anyway; gdk-pixbuf loads images, GdkRGB
draws them, libart does graphic effects and transformations. Imlib
(especially Imlib2) merges all these into one library which is part of
why we don't use it, since we already have 2 of the 3 functionality
sets in other libraries.)


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