problem with libglade


I already tried to send this mesage to this list, but it seems it didn't
work. do I have to be subcscribed to send to the list ??

I have a problem with libglade here. in my little project I have
the following code :

container = GTK_CONTAINER( glade_xml_get_widget( xml, "hpaned1"));

if ( actual_widget != voci_widget ) {
        gtk_container_remove( container, actual_widget );
        if ( ! GTK_IS_WIDGET( actual_widget ) )
                g_print( "actual_widget is not a widget anymore\n" );
        gtk_paned_pack1( GTK_PANED(container), voci_widget, TRUE, FALSE );
        gtk_widget_show( GTK_WIDGET(container) );

voci_widget and actual_widget are both GtkTables. I want to show  the
table belonging to a selection in a ctree.

now, always when the widgets are created with libglade like :
  vocixml = glade_xml_new("../", "voci_widget");
  voci_widget = GTK_WIDGET( glade_xml_get_widget( vocixml,

I loose my widget after the gtk_container_remove call. actual_widget
is not a GTK_WIDGET anymore.  When I create the widgets with c-code
generated by glade it works fine.

so, could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here ?? or could this
be a problem in libglade ??

thank you


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