Re: Doc for gnome-python, MDI

Currently there isn't any real documentation for gnome-python.  See the
pygtk/MAPPING file that is distributed with gnome-python for an idea of
how things map from C to python.  After reading this file, I suggest
looking through the gtk tutorial, and maybe  Most
of the ideas in the tutorial map onto what you do in python fairly well.

After looking though that, take a look at the gtk header files.  You can
ignore the bits you don't understand.  You may also want to look in the file, or gnome/, which are installed to the site-packages
directory of your python distribution.



On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Lars von Wedel wrote:

> Hi folks,
> first of all: congratulations to your efforts. I started working
> with Gnome on the weekend (following its evolution since its early
> days!). I decided to contribute an application and I want to use
> Python.
> My question: where can I find a documentation for the gnome-python
> bindings?
> Regards,
> Lars
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