Re: state of metadata?

>  Well, recently I have become reinterested in bbs's. Looking through
>  some source, I found this textfile (attached). It describes a way of
>  tagging metadata safely into the files itself. Could one of the metadata
>  guru's have a look over it?  Thanks.

Oh my god.  To quote from the aforementioned text:

>                              ! NOTICE !
>     SAUCE was initially created for supporting only the ANSi & RIP
>     screens.  Since both ANSi and RIP are in effect text-based and
>     have no other form of control, SAUCE never interferes with the
>     workings of a program using either ANSi or RIP.  If it does,
>     the program is not functioning the way it should.
>     This is _NOT_ true for the other types of file SAUCE supports
>     however. Adding SAUCE to some of the other filetypes supported
>     in the SAUCE specifications may have serious consequences on
>     the proper functioning of other programs using those files,
>     In the worst case, they'll simply refuse the file, stating it
>     is invalid.

So I will assume the suggestion was a joke :-)


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