gnome-config: weird segfaults

Updating my app to use gnome-style config files using the gnome_config_*
functions.  Having a couple of _weird_ problems.

If I load the app up for the first time (with no configuration file in
~/.gnome), it loads all the config stuff with defaults.  No problem.  When
the app is killed, it calls a cleanup function, which saves all the config
info.  It sets everything fine, writes the file, and exits the app with
this odd error:
Gdk-ERROR **: Fatal IO error 9 (Bad file number) on X server :0.0.

So I load it up again, with the complete config file in place.  Again, it
loads all the values from the config file, and when the app is killed it
calls the cleanup fucntion.  This time, it gnome_config_set's everything
without a hitch, then I call gnome_config_sync().  Segfault.  

Any reason for this silliness?  If anybody needs more info to diagnose my
problem, just ask for it.  Thanks for any help.  *going batty*

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