Re: puzzling Gnome-ERROR

This is the exact error you will get from several applications if you try to
use the stock GNOME on a libc 5.x system.  (Apparently there is a bug somewhere
in autoconf/automake/libtool or the GNOME macros).

You will need to manually edit gnome-libs-x.y.z/libgnome/Makefile to compile
the library -D_REENTRANT.  (This is automatically done on glibc 2.x systems?)
I didn't need to compile the other libraries -D_REENTRANT.

You will also need LinuxThreads and may also need threaded X libraries, which
are available from several sources, including my web page.

>From then on, everything will work fine.

This bug will eventually be masked when everybody switches to glibc 2.x, but
there are stragglers out there (probably mostly developers at this point who
have too much time invested in their old systems to switch.  Creating an RPM
for every single piece of experimental software is untenable.)


In message <>, Havoc Pennington writes:

> writes: 
>> Problem:
>> Gnome-ERROR **: Could not create per-user Gnome directory </home/disco/.gnom
>e> - aborting

>Yuck, this is your basic shitty error messages. Pet peeve of mine. I'm
>fixing this one in gnome-libs 2.0. The message shouldn't use g_error()
>anyway since a coredump is useless.
>For now, ask the user to try running your program with "strace" - it
>will show the error that caused mkdir to fail. That should give a

John GOTTS <>

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