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>> Either way, Havoc's code works around the problem, I guess.

>Only by amazing coincidence. What kind of crack-rock mkdir()
>implementation contains "return 1"?

>> My conclusion: threads and GNOME are a lot of trouble.  I'll be using fork()
>> in all future projects.

>GNOME isn't thread safe but shouldn't stop you from using threads
>outside the GUI. The GNOME 2.0 file manager will be using threads. So
>if you have thread problems they are genuine bugs (though if you don't
>want to be the bug-finder I understand). :-)

>In this particular case I think you've discovered that libc5 sucks
>though... a well-known fact.

I'm not sure this is the fault of libc 5.  After all, from memory libgnome gets
compiled with -D_REENTRANT on glibc 2.x.  autoconf/automake probably have some
kind of broken scheme to figure out whether this flag is needed and leave it
out when you compile with libc 5.  I'm guessing here; my fix has been to hack
the generated Makefile.

libc 5 may suck, but not for this reason.

And the only package I've ever run into out of hundreds that doesn't work with
libc 5 is gfloppy.  The fix is probably trivial but I haven't bothered to track
it down since I prefer to format my floppies on the command line.  ;-)  gfloppy
author, please do not take offense.


John GOTTS <>

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