Re: Linux Gnome/GTK+ Programming Bible

>I love the open revolution and fully intend to join it--just as soon as I can
> figure out how to do it. 

Sorry to sound offensive, but shouldn't you know it before you write a book
on it?  There really isn't anything to "join" persay, just code for a good
cause.  If Havoc Pennington wanted to code for something other than Red Hat
or Gnome, all he would have to do is write code and submit.  If you wanted
to help with Gnome or RedHat, nothing is stopping you from submitting, which
is almost one whole aspect about the open source revolution.

> Anyway, there will be at least one chapter of this book online. And there

unfortunatly with both the GTK+ tutorial and HP's GTK+ / Gnome Application
Development (plus a bunch more on I'm not sure how
much sales a dead tree copy of a book like this will make. 

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