Re: GNOME-Samba interface

> 1) Samba needs to be run as root. That would imply that this program needs
> to be run as root, as it will have to write to a config file and restart
> Samba any time changes are made. Obviously, most of the time you don't
> want to run GNOME as root. I remember a while back someone talking about a
> program that would rootify a program being run (gsu?). I haven't heard
> anything about it recently. Does it exist and would it suit my purposes
> here?

Not at all.  I do not even have root access on the machines I have
been testing this.

> 2) As I said before, Samba must be restarted. Until I can snag a
> Debian CD, I don't have any modern distributions to test this on other
> than Red Hat. 

The code in gmc/samba is like "smbclient", it is not a *server*, but a


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