Re: using OpenGL/Mesa in a GNOME application

	Hello Mark,

On 28 Jun 1999, Mark Galassi wrote:

> Has anyone used OpenGL in a GNOME application yet?  I would like to do
> so, and in the past I have only used OpenGL with its own GLU and GLUT
> frameworks, so I'm not sure how I'd go about handling the event loop
> and initial setup.

	In the unusable gCAD project we are working with OpenGL (Mesa) and
Janne Lof's gtkglarea to do the rendering stuff. There is no much you can
test now but if you want some code you can look at:


	Franz Reiter is working in the OpenGL/gtkglarea driver for gCAD.

* or GNOME cvs gCAD

	My own page, with an uncompilable gCAD release with GNOME 1.0.x
(it worked with 0.30). But you you can take a look at it to know how to do
a basic OpenGL/GNOME(Gtk+) integration. CVS also has this very old code.

	Now I have a newer version of the gCAD code (mainly the initial
UI, and yes it works with GNOME v1.0.x ;-), but I won't be able to put in
Internet until next Friday, sorry.

	At the end of July we have intentions to update GNOME cvs gCAD
module with the new code.

* gtkglarea examples, of course.

	In gtkglarea examples you can find all the initial understanding
you need.

			Iņigo Serna

PS:	no, gCAD project is not dead ;-)

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