scratch that last one

	Ok, scratch my last question, it appears that the only signal
relevant to what I'm looking for is a GdkEvent signal.  How, the API guide
claims, "Each GnomeCanvasItem can receive mouse events, keyboard events,
mouse-enter and mouse leave events. In addition a canvas item can grab the
mouse (for example to implement reliable dragging of objects)."  Now, I
looked through the GdkEvents that were in <gdk/gdktypes.h>, and I couldn't
find any mouse-enter or mouse-leave events.  Is GdkEventCrossing the event
that I'm looking for?  You get that, check the bounds of the canvasItem
against the location of the mouse (converting coordinates, of course),
then determine if it's an enter or leave event?  I'll assume so unless
someone tells me something to the contrary.
	On a different note, in order to implement selection in canvas
text, would the recommended method be to draw a rectangle of the select
color and then use gnome_canvas_item_lower to push it below the text?  Is
this a correct interpretation of gnome_canvas_item_lower?
	Oh, is there a way in an X canvas (i.e. not an art canvas so that
it takes advantage of X acceleration) to set the background color, or do I
have to just make a large rectangle of background color and push it to the
bottom?  Thank you very much for your help.  This list has been very kind
to me so far and I appreciate it.

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