Re: GNOME-Samba interface

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

    >> > Well, the more distribution-independent way would be avoid
    >> the use > of init scripts altogether and launch smbd with your
    >> own script.  Then it > boils down to looking for smbd in the
    >> right places (to launch it), and > issuing a "killall smbd" to
    >> kill it.
    >> Except that Samba needs to start at boot time, not when GNOME
    >> starts.

    Derek> 	Just because Samba is initially started by init
    Derek> through /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb at bootup, doesn't mean you
    Derek> must use that script every time you want to start/stop the
    Derek> smbd daemon.

    Derek> 	Using the init scripts may well turn out to be the
    Derek> cleanest method, though--you'll just have to know how the
    Derek> scripts work with every distribution of Unix.

No, you don't.  That's the distribution packager's job.  Just say
where you want it restarted and the Debian/RH/etc people will do
whatever is policy on their distribution.


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