Re: help on child menus (Re: MDI Child menus don't show.) wrote:
> Thanks Jaka, I tried it, but I only can say that I don't wrote the
> function you say, so the breakpoint only tells me that the function
> don't executes the piece of the code creating the menu because
> menu =! NULL is FALSE or something else, I don't remember. So I cleaned
> my hard disk, I reinstalled Debian 2.1, I recompiled all libraries and
> gnome sources, and STILL HAPPENS... :(.
> I have written a very small problem to isolate the problem. I would
> appreciate very much is someone can compile and execute it and tell what
> happens.
> After compiling the program, I execute it and a window containing a mdi child
> appers, also, the "File" menu and the "child" menu, but, the problem is that
> the child is not listed in the child menu, and neither the menu associated to it.
> Please, tell me if something is wrong!
sorry. it works perfectly on each and every machine I've got gnome
installed on... and the code seems ok.
can anyone else reproduce this problem?




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