Gnome canvas issues

I'm learning to use the canvas and I'm getting some strange behaviour. My
prototype program is a nice world map with a pointer to select cities.
Things seem to work except for when I try to use canvas groups and move
them around. Also, the program seems to leak badly when I use
gnome_canvas_set_item() to move the endpoints of a line. I am freeing
the GnomeCanvasPoints each time, so I don't understand this.

Anyhows, if someone could look at

I would appreciate it.  I would really like a little flag to appear on the
city you chose by left-clicking, and I was hoping to make the flag as
a canvas group which contains one polygon.

Run the program like:

./gglobe-canvas --image map480.png --width 480 --antialias=0

Set antialias to 1 to see the antialias behavior. It has issues as well.

I hope its just I made a silly mistake...

Dr Mike

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