Re: gnome-libs versions

> > Should the HEAD branches of modules in gnome CVS compile with
> > the HEAD branch of the gnome-libs?
> Yes, they should.

 good to know.

> > One particular problem is with changes in the gnome_icon_list --- last
> > time I checked (g)mc and gdm2 would not compile because they use
> > member "adj" which was moved in to private structure.
> Can you please try again and tell me if this is still the case?

 (g)mc is fine (do not know when it was fixed there) 
  gdm2 compile still stumbles at  line 500 in gui/gdmchooser.c:
  "scrollbar = gtk_vscrollbar_new (browser->adj);

 But there were no commits in the HEAD of gdm2 for a last few days.


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