Nathan Clegg wrote:
> I do realize that the full capabilities of an editor consist of a lot more
> than keybindings.  I'd hate to give up emacs's yank rotation buffer and
> pipe replacement, but keybindings would be a start, and a lot simpler than
> a full editor component.

	Talking about keybindings, how about a key-binding capplet? It should
be able to link generic functions to keys in the entire enviroment. for
example, in one configuration could link delete-next-char to <delete>,
delete-prev-char to <back-space>, copy to ctrl-<ins>, paste to
shift-<ins> and cut to ctrl-<del>. 

	The functions should be generic enougth so a new app could "install"
new functions with a default key-bind (maybe the functions could
translate to gtk+ events?). This would uniformalize the keyborad in
every application, and that would realy be a great gain in term of
usuability of the gnome desktop. 

	comments please. :-)

"You take the red pill and you stay in wonderland,
and I'll show you how deep the rabit hole goes", Morpheus.
[]'s Victor Bogado da Silva Lins

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