RE: Text editors

Now that I think about it, I agree that the support for file import/export
filters should not go in the editor interface.  This is better left to the
application.  It would be nice to have a filter interface so that an
application could support encryption, PGP signature verification, etc. and
put the uncompressed/unencrypted text into the editor.  But this doesn't
belong in the editor (or the interface).  It would be an interesting
project, however :)  Reminds me of a CS project I had last term.

The formatting, however, should be in the interface...Maybe only general
things like highlight and indent should go in the general inferface.  There
could be a fancyformat interface that would allow you to bold, underline,
change font size, etc.


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> > Formatting text (colours, underlines, indenting, etc)
> > Provide support for file import/export filters to handle special file
> > formats, compression and encryption
> This should _not_ go in the generic interface, since we'd want to
> support any editor out there. If you want more, you just write an
> interface for the specific thing you have in mind, and you make
> it available through GNOME::Unknown's QueryInterface method.

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