Re: Desktop::Editor

Martijn van Beers wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm gonna try and stirr up the dead Desktop::Editor discussion
> again, since dryad is actually going to use it, so we better
> come up with something we can all live with soon.

Good. I've been busy or I would have commented sooner.
> 3) If we want to be able to do editor scripting through the
> interface, what do we need apart from insert/remove/search/replace
> functionality?
This may be more than you want, but what I really need to use
an external editor in an IDE is something that more closely
mimics the internals of a real editor. I would like to see a 
separation of manipulating an editor through a buffer or through 
a view. Manipulating through a buffer would not display anything
to the user, whereas through a view, the manipulations would be
shown. Some other differences:

* An EditorView has the concept of current line and column, 
  selection, higlighting, etc., an EditorBuffer doesn't.
* An EditorBuffer would be more lowlevel, for services that
  wanted to share text and be notified of changes to text. For
  example, a source parser or browser.
* There can be multiple EditorViews for a single EditorBuffer.

Of course, you also need possibly EditorController to be able
to tell the editor to load files, create new views, etc.

Just some random thoughts.


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