Re: Vertical Toolbar

Probably the best way is to configure your application's toolbars as you
want them, then check the ~/.gnome/appname file, and look at the
Placement/Dock key.

Now modify your application to set this key like so:
  str = gnome_config_get_string("/appname/Placement/Dock");
  if (str)
  else {
    gnome_config_set_string("/appname/Placement/Dock", "...");



On Sat, 17 Jul 1999, Cory Lueninghoener wrote:

> I am writing a small app that I want to have a vertical toolbar by
> default.  Digging around through online documentation and .h files, I have
> yet to find info on how to do this.  Is it possible?
> Cory Lueninghoener
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