Re: bonobo & ORBit trouble

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Jaka Mocnik wrote:

> in process of querying the new bonobo-object for
> IDL:GNOME/PersistStream:1.0 interface (test-container-autoload.c:247), I
> get:
> ** CRITICAL **: file giop-msg-buffer.c: line 718
> (giop_recv_buffer_unuse): assertion `buffer != NULL' failed.
> ** CRITICAL **: file giop-msg-buffer.c: line 465
> (giop_send_buffer_unuse): assertion `send_buffer != NULL' failed.
> the above routines are called after setting system exception after
> giop_recv_reply_buffer_use_2() returns NULL in
> gnome-unknown-stubs.c:GNOME_Unknown_query_interface().

Sounds like the newly created process is dying when the query_interface
operation is invoked on the object it implements. Have you tried looking
for a core file, or something else indicative of a problem?

-- Elliot

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