Re: Look at what the panel does now before discussing what it should do!!

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 06:56:41AM -0700, George wrote:
> 1) Caching: been in the panel for ages, The panel will only stat all files in
> just the current directory to find out if eny of them changed, but does not
> reread anything unless it's necessary, the memory requirements for the cache
> are not very large since there is not that much we need to keep track of
> (just the name and the .desktop file location)

I just clicked on the foot and waited three seconds before the menu
appeared. Some of the submenus took close to a second. My machine is not
*too* slow (233MHz, 128MB of RAM), and none of my other applications have
started swapping.

This only happens if I haven't used the panel for a while. The next time I
open the panel (or a particular submenu), it appears instantly. Still, four
seconds to look at my games menu the first time around is pretty painful.

Where is all this time going? Have all the *.desktop files been flushed
from my block cache? What information can I provide to help isolate the


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