Re: GNOME Sound Server, was Re: GNOME sounds - which component

On 26 Jul 1999 06:03:45 -0400, Mark R. Bowyer <> wrote:

>This I wasn't aware of, though I'd been following the ChangeLog and had noticed 
>very little activity.  I paid particular attention as I was waiting for the 
>-Endian problems to be fixed again, as I use all this on Solaris/SPARC, too.
>>I agree with your sentiment of reusing existing functionality, but in this
>>case the sentiment is misguided. I daresay you haven't actually looked at
>>the libesd API or the esound code...
>I have actually, in trying to figure out the aforementioned -endian problems 
>that made it fail consistently on SPARC with 16-bit WAVs

This sounds like it might be a problem with libaudiofile, not esound.
Please try the latest audiofile out of CVS and see if it helps your

-- Elliot

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