Re: Replacing Imlib in the GNOME libraries

> I don't think we should go this way.  This'll cause a long term
> renaming of `libgnomeui' to `libgnomeui-simple'.  My suggestion would
> be to introduce a new API altogether for the ArtPixbuf stuff.  So,
> instead of
> 	  GdkImlibImage *gnome_canvas_load_alpha(char *)
> use
> 	  ArtPixbuf *gnome_canvas_load_picture(char *)
> We can move all the GdkImlib functions declarations into
> gnome-compat.h, and flag them as obsolete.


So do you suggest that we keep all of the new functions and the API
compatiblility functions in place for some time and at deprecation
time, we just ship the libgnomeui-deprecated library for people who
still use the old API calls?

Say, we could do the real split in a year, or something.

Best wishes,

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