Re: Panel idea

> So, here I am working away with my Gnome panel running vertically along
> the left hand edge of me screen with asclock running at one end.  After
> working for a while, covering my desktop with xterms and the like, and
> generally making a mess I decide to hide the panel by use of the nice
> little buttons at the end.  Unfortunatly, that hides everything, including
> my precious asclock that lets me know when it is time to go home.  So,
> here is my idea.  What if there was an option on the panel someplace to
> leave one or two apps sticking out of the end when the panel is hidden
> with the arrows?  That way only the clock would be visable when I wanted,
> but at all other times everything would be there.  Has this ever been
> discussed before?  Or is there some big glaring reason it hasn't?

Why don't you use a corner panel, or a drawer, or some combination of the


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