RE: panel widget as library?

Look at any corba book. It discusses not using massive amounts of function
calls from a program to a corba server. I am assuming from that, that most
orbs use iiop to talk to one another. That would be slower than using some
kind of direct method. Using a direct method between orbs would require a
standard. Is there a standard for inter orb direct communication through
shared memory or something similar for speed increases? Or did I read a
broken corba book? :)
For example, libraries were chosen in the gconf project rather then corba
objects for speed reasons. Are their reasons unfounded?

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> >Is there any plans to make a shared memory standard inter 
> orb protocol? It
> >would speed corba up to the point where it can be much more usefull.
> On what grounds do you base your speedup assertion?
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