Re: panel widget as library?

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > >Is there any plans to make a shared memory standard inter orb protocol? It
> > >would speed corba up to the point where it can be much more usefull.
> > 
> > On what grounds do you base your speedup assertion?
> Intuition would tell me "transfering large ammounts of data".  Say,
> transfering large sets of data.  Large as in 20 megs per second.

If you are doing this, you should use multithreading or something in the
same address space.

The typical CORBA request sends comparatively little data.

The main problem with implementing a shared memory transport is the
complexity involved. You have to have at least one shared memory segment
for each client you connect to, you have worry about security (how do you
allow connections between processes running as different users?), you have
to worry about signalling the other end through another mechanism that the
data is in the shm segment waiting to be processed, etc. etc.

-- Elliot
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