Re: GNOME plans (--> mail clients)

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, James Green wrote:

> Yep. In that department, OutLook isn't bad. MS has always been very good
> at UI design imho.

No M$ please, I'm thinking in a Eudora like look and feel. :)

> Yep, complex tasks should of course be available too.

Yes, advanced options always exist.

> No, I disagree. Someone mentioned on gnome-list a few days ago about not
> forgetting the powerful functionality which UNIX cmd-ln utils provide.
> What needs doing is two-fold, something I might write-up soon, but
> basically we need a decent software maintenance tool like RPM but with
> Apt's intelligent "oh, new version is out" functionality, second we should
> use these utils transparently in GNOME apps - the user doesn't need to
> know that sed is used in a text editor or whatever, but you see what I
> mean.

This can easily be implemented, so you can choice for a external mail
fetcher (reading the old huge slow mbox style), or the own client fetcher.

> smtp?

Good memory.

> Agreed. But we have to keep in mind that if something breaks and e-mail is
> needed, the user is going to have to use pine or something which uses
> mbox. Backward compatibility is a must. Maybe a module which, run thorugh
> cron, could backup your mail directory system to the mxob fashion once a
> week to keep backward compatibility?

An Export Mail and Import Mail menu can do this. :)

And isn't only mbox compatibility in my mind, other mailboxes can be added
too, like Eudora, Outlook, or others unix-like mailboxes styles.


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