Re: ChangeLog Question

> >  	I know this may be an obvious question, but is there an automatic
> >  way to format the ChangeLog files or to add an entry to the files?

> Emacs lets you add a ChangeLog entry by using [...]

	The official ChangeLog format can be found at:

	The only "automated" way I've ever seen for making ChangeLog
entries is the Emacs key combo everyone is mentioning.

	In most modern OSS projects, people enter their changes when they
commit the software to CVS.  Then, when the .tar.gz source distribution is
released, the file "ChangeLog" is automatically created from the CVS
commit log (it includes date/time and who did what automatically).  This
practice originally started with RCS.

--Derek Simkowiak

P.S.> Emacs sucks, pico rules  :)

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