Re: Gvoice...

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Jim Canfield wrote:

> This is great!  Just a vote of encouragement in hopes that this thing goes
> all the way.  I think voice recognition will be growning by leaps and bounds
> over the next few years.  I'm not much of a programmer, but let me know if
> you need help in other ways.
At this point I need input in the form of ideas as to how gvoice might be
used, and how I should deal with autoconnection to existing gtk widget
trees. I'd also like to give gvoice the kind of capabilities the Windows
ViaVoice ships with in terms of dictation support.  That means having an
auxilliary window open that presents alternatives, basic learning support,
etc.  That's a bit harder, and there needs to be more room left for
personal preferenes and such.  libglade will likely be a big part of that
configurability, but that doesn't cover the functional aspects of it.

> Good luck!!

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