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I don't know if it is really a good idea to create a new intermediate
format.  It would probably be best to choose the most full featured menu
format out of the ones you want to output and use that as your
intermediate format.

The reason I say that is because at least one of the output menu formats
you mentioned (red hat wmconfig menus) is already designed as an
intermediate format.

Maybe the GNOME desktop entry format could act as the intermediate format.



On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Nathan Clemons wrote:

> Sounds like an excellent idea! In my opinion, one thing on the
> gMenuMagic would be good, if readily possible:
> Define an internal sort of syntax that you can convert to _any_ of the
> styles. Then develop the capability to take any style and convert it to
> your syntax. This will then allow you to generically convert say KDE menus
> to BlackBox and BlackBox menus to KDE. Or BlackBox to IceWM, etc. One of
> the things that I find a major discouragement to trying new window
> managers is the fact that I have my BlackBox menus highly customized (for
> instance, runs via cron to give me slashdot headlines in my
> Blackbox menus), and I loose all of that when I try a new window manager.
> Then I have to add the time to learn the menu file syntax while learning
> the rest, or remember where all the software is installed that is not in
> my $PATH and what the name of the app is and its case (upper, lower, or
> mixed). Having a menu creator/convertor that supports a wide variety of
> WM's would overcome this.
> My $.02 US,
> Nathan.
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> On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Neil Brideau wrote:
> > Hi all;
> > 
> >  Please forgive the length of this post but I would like to introduce
> > myself. I have only in the last couple of weeks started developing
> > with gnome/gtk so my contributions will be small for the next little
> > while. I have a couple of small projects I'm working on right now,
> > one must start somewhere, so I'll give a brief rundown lest anyone
> > think they are of value:
> > 
> > gmenumagic: This program may be used to produce; Gnome, KDE or Red
> > hat menus, either personal or system, for the following window
> > managers: WindowMaker, Icewm, Enlightenment and Blackbox(Not done
> > yet). It also includes a perl script to populate icewm menus with
> > icons. This program conforms to gnome standards, is stable but
> > finishing touches are required: getting the autoconf stuff right,
> > using corba to call gnome-edit rather than an explicit call to gedit.
> > 
> > Theme-O-Matic: In progress but I can't find gnomecc +
> > theme-selector-capplet in any of the CVS stuff I have, the
> > directories are in gnome-core but no files :( This program has an
> > extremely simple interface for making basic gtkrc files. So if your
> > feeling a little yellow it's about 5 seconds to make a yellow gtk
> > theme. This works on the principal that the user may select basic
> > color and the rest of the values are calculated :) The demo I have
> > works fine.
> > 
> >    First I want to thank you all for the bandwidth, I assure you I
> > will keep my posts to a more reasonable length in the future. I also
> > humbly ask for comments as to weather any of the above may be useful
> > to gnome or anyone using gnome.
> > 
> > Best Regards,
> > Neil Brideau
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