ORBit newbie question.

I've been reading documentation that's accessable through the links at
http://ww.labs.redhat.com/orbit, and I have some questions that may sound
completely stupid and I'm not sure or not. Pretty much I want to write a method
of storing and retrieving data that will be used for multiple applications. As
an example, say I want to write one program that I can use to record how many
beers I've drunken, and then I want my e-mail client to find out how drunk I am
and append it to my signature. I figure using CORBA may be the best way, if
this was complicated data. One program would be able to call a method of an
interface to say how much I've drunk, another to retrieve it.

alright, this message is going nowhere fast. Would I be required to have a
server program running at all times so that ORBIt could call such a method? Is
there an easier way of making globally accessable persistant data, that
wouldn't require every program writing and reading a file, or something so

Mathieu Fenniak

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