Re: bug in gnome-moz-remote?

It is the commas in the URL is what is breaking gnome-moz-remote.  When
you run gnome-moz-remote, it sends netscape a command through the
X window property.  The command to open the URL in the current window is
something like:

To open it in an other window is something like:

Alright -- I just tested the URL on my machine, and it worked correctly.
(it converted the commas to %2c's).  What version of netscape are you



On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Dave Fletcher wrote:

> Hello.
> Can anyone tell me why the following doesn't work?
> gnome-moz-remote
> ",10050,0-0,00.html?qt=testing+123&ty=127&"
> Because of this, it also breaks gnome_url_show(url); However, it works
> fine when I use:
> netscape
> ",10050,0-0,00.html?qt=testing+123&ty=127&"
> but I would prefer use gnome-moz-remote for better user configurability.
> --dave
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