gnome-db's bonobo questions

Hi all!

We are (Michael Lausch <> and me <>) looking for a way to 'bonobify' gnome-db, but we are not very sure how to do it, so I'm asking for some advice.

gnome-db is composed of several modules:
- gda-clnt library -> a client lib that acts as a wrapper around all the CORBA stuff.
- gda-clnt-ui library -> a lib with custom widgets that make use of gda-clnt
- front-end apps -> some apps that make use of the two gda-* libs
- servers -> real ORBit servers

The doubt we've got is which part of the architecture is the ideal candidate to offer its services through bonobo. We thought at first on doing so in the servers, but as we must provide a visual component, they are not very suited for this. The GDA client library is just a wrapper around the ORBit stuff, so IMO it is by far the less suited for this. Then we've got the UI lib and the gdafe app (SQL client application). The UI library could be a good candidate since it would mean just integrating the GnomeComponent stuff on the already existing visual components. The gdafe app has a "custom widget" (not really custom right now, but I'm changing it to be a GtkObject derived class) which acts as a "view" which is then shown on the main application window (in a notebook page). So we were thinking on hacking this "widget" to respond to bonobo clients, so that it is the FE which exports the whole gnome-db's fonctionality, since it makes use of every single feature provided by the client libs.

Any idea?

Thanks very much to all

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