Re: GNOME WM Hints Spec Revision

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Michael Fulbright wrote:
> On this note - I have not been following this thread closely, but I hope
> any work on revising the WM HINTS involves agreeing with the KDE people
> on a single set of hints we both use. Otherwise WM authors are going to
> be potentially polarized to one desktop over the other, which is obviously
> a bad thing.
> Where are we in this process, and what needs to be done?

Elliot and I exchanged some mail on this - we were thinking that we need
to get a few people to maintain the spec.

These should be people who've hacked WM's, or who maintain WM's - maybe
Jay Painter, Marko Macek, Maciej or Greg (from scwm), I don't know who
else. Nathan, it looks like you could do this too. 

We should get the kwm maintainer and maybe some people who've worked on
KDE compliance for other wm's on the committee.

I'd suggest representatives from XFCE and GNUStep as well - XFCE seems to
be one guy pretty much, and the obvious GNUStep rep would be Alfredo from
WindowMaker. This makes it clear that the spec isn't just a KDE vs. Gnome
thing (ugh), it's intended to be a standard that anyone can use if they
want to write a pager or whatever.

Might be nice to get Jim Gettys or someone he recommends or someone from as well.

Have them talk among themselves, until we get a nice shiny new spec.

Concretely, we should see if there are any objections on this list, then
mail the people we want to be on the spec maintenance committee, then
create a private mailing list for them to use if necessary.

Also, the Gnome project should commit to using the new spec when it's
ready. I guess Miguel should give us the official commitment here. :-)

Sound OK? I'll put this into action after a reasonable discussion period
if people have no objections. I'd appreciate pointers on who should be
invited/recruited to be on the maintenance team.


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