Re: Unable to compile guile

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Torsten Howard wrote:
> I am unable to compile guile.

guile-gtk you mean...
> What in the world is AM_PATH_GTK?  I do not know where it is to point, nor do I have any references to it. The only references I found were in imlib, but imlib compiled fine.

AM_PATH_GTK is an macro that expands to a bunch of shell script. It's
defined in $(prefix)/share/aclocal/gtk.m4, where $(prefix) is the location
where you installed Gtk.

To allow to find it, do this:

ACLOCAL_FLAGS='-I /wherever/share/aclocal' ./

The space between -I and the path is significant.

The 'aclocal' program will automatically find macros installed in the same
prefix as itself (e.g. if you installed aclocal to /usr,
/usr/share/aclocal is automatically in the macro search path). Thus you
can also create a symlink in this directory pointing to the real gtk.m4.


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