Re: Drag and drop is dead, long live drab and throw :)

>From: Toby Jaffey <>
>On Thu, Jun 17, 1999 at 01:40:05PM -0300, Victor Bogado da Silva Lins wrote:
>> 	1) open 1 or more "black hole"'s objects. Once there is one or more
>> black holes open the drag operations with icons are interpreted as a
>> throw not a a drop anymore. Each black hole has a event orizon that
>> would decide if the icon fell in the black hole or not.

Why do we need to differentiate between throws and drops this way?  *That* could 
lead to confusion of the form "Why can't I drop any more?", "Because you need to 
close that funny little thing over therer, first".  Not good.

Surely we can take a leaf from Gesture research here.  For a drag, the mouse has 
started to decelerate before we release the button.  For a throw, the button is 
released while the mouse is still accelerating.  This is how we drop and throw 
in real life, it should work that way on-screen, too.


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