New version of GGV (0.40)

Hi Everybody,

I am pleased to announce a new version of GGV (GNOME GhostView). 

There are numerous changes:

GGV had a major face lift. The interface is significantly different
from version 0.30.  The major internal changes are the support of
bonobo and the ability to display unstructured Postscript.

Check the ChangeLog for more info. Here is a list of contributors to
these version (I apologize if this is too brief to correctly state
what everybody has been doing).

 By Jaka Mocnik <>:
  *  Multiple improvements in the user interface (too many to list)
  *  Multiple bugs solved
  *  Added Settings window
  *  Started bonobo support
 By Toumas J. Lukka <>:
  *  Added magnification buttons and other user interface improvements.
  *  Bug fixes

 By Matt Loper  <>
  *  Contributed bonobo support

 By Daniel German <>:
  *  Support for Unstructured documents 
  *  User interface improvements.
  *  Bug fixes

  Tomas Ogren  <> added sv
  Sergey Panov <> added ru
  Lalo Martins <> added pt_BR

There are still features missing, but overall, GGV is ready to be
used. Get those bug reports rolling!

Daniel M. German     


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