Private structures for GnomeIconTextItem and GnomeIconList


I have just committed a couple of important changes to gnome-libs.
These replace a bunch of public fields in the GnomeIconTextItem and
GnomeIconLis structures with padding, and use internal private
structures instead.  I have made these changes in a way that preserves
binary compatibility.

I think I did it correctly, and it works on i386, but I would
appreciate it if people could test it on other platforms, especially
the Alpha.

To do this, you should get the latest gnome-libs from cvs, compile and
install it, but *not* update any other packages.  Try running stuff
that uses the icon list widget such as GMC and the panel icon pickers;
if there are any problems with these, please tell me so that I can see
what is wrong.

In GMC you should have a much better-behaving icon list with this
version, too :-)


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