this is a request for comments! ;)

I need an editor for photon, and I don't think it's any use for me
to write yet another editor, so I intend to reuse existing ones.

The way I want to communicate with the editor would be through CORBA.
I'll probably need some extra functionality that is specific to
photon in the interface, but there would also be a lot of functionality
that isn't photon specific. So, I thought there should be a GNOME::Editor
interface from which I could derive.

What I have so far is:

module GNOME {
  interface Editor {
    typedef unsigned long FileID;

    FileID OpenFile (in string path);
    void SaveFile (in FileID id);
    void CloseFile (in FileID id);

    void GotoLine (in FileID id, in unsigned long line);
    void Scroll (in FileID id, in long nroflines);

There's also more programs than photon that would want to edit source files,
so there'd be a generic interface for that too.

  interface SourceEditor : GNOME::Editor {

    void GotoFunction (/* ?? */);

Does this look ok at all? Is an id all we need for the file? what
else would we need? 

Martijn van Beers

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