Re: cvs gnome-libs error

>>>>> "James" == James Henstridge <> writes:

 > It seems that aclocal is not finding any of the installed macros.  Do you
 > actually have them in aclocal's search path (ie. is gtk.m4 in the
 > directory printed by "aclocal --print-ac-dir" or any of the other
 > directories you specified with AC_LOCAL_FLAGS or any other way of passing
 > -I agumentes to aclocal?).  If they are somewhere else, try setting
 > AC_LOCAL_FLAGS environment variable to "-I /some/dir".

Alright, I changed all sorts of things and installed automake and
friends in /opt/gnome/.

I compiled glib/ from CVS with " --prefix=/opt/gnome" (my
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set up correctly), and then proceeded with gtk+/.

gtk+ compiles for quite a while and then dies with

	gcc -g -O2 -g -Wall    gtkrc.c   -o gtkrc
	In file included from gtkrc.c:40:
	gtkintl.h:4: config.h: No such file or directory

It seems it's missing a whole mess of compilation flags, but the rest
of gtk+ compiles fine.  Why did it forget the slew of compilation


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