question about gnomeappwin in obj-c

Can GnomeAppWin be used for creation of toplevel windows
for an application or is there something special about
it in that it should only be used once for any app?

I have the following code where "setup" is a child of 
gnome property box.  I can capture the "apply" signal 
and everything works just fine when the user presses
the "apply" or "OK" button.

I'm trying to do the same thing with "phbook" which is
a child of GnomeAppWin (I'm using the menu and toolbar 
routines from it) but when I run the code and call 
"phbook" it says it can't lookup the "select_row" signal.

I've tried other signals as well and it seems that none of
them can be looked up.  Anyone got any ideas?  

The basic thing I'm trying to accomplish is updating of vars
in the main app when pressing a close button from inside the 
phone book window which is created inside GfaxPhoneBook.

It works for setup quite well but is there a better way to 
do this?

I'd really appreciate some help on this I've been struggling
over it all weekend.  I can send the entire code if requested.

#include <obgnome/obgnome.h>

@interface GfaxApp : Gnome_AppWin
	id myapp, pr, pb;
- initForApp: (id) myApp :(gchar **)argv;
- sendfax: (id) sender;
- applyProperties: (id) sender;


@implementation GfaxApp
- initForApp: (id) myApp :(gchar **)argv
	id hbox, vbox, vbox2, label, dateLabel, pix;

much deleted

	[self create_menus:mainmenu];		// Make the menus
	[self create_toolbar:mytoolbar];	// Make the toolbar
	[self set_contents:vbox];
	[self connect:"delete_event"];		// Set up the exit

	return self;

- phbook:(id) sender

	pb = [[GfaxPhoneBook alloc] init];
	[pb connectObjMethod:"select_row" :self :@selector(myselect_row:)];
	return self;

- myselect_row: (id) sender
	g_print("Phone Book name -> %s\n", [pb get_name]);

- setup: (id)sender
    pr = [PropertyDialogPopup new];
	[pr connectObjMethod:"apply" :self :@selector(applyProperties:)];
	return self;

// go here to update vars and widgets after setup
- applyProperties: (id) sender
	sendnow_state = [pr get_sendNow];
	[sendImmediate_cb set_active:sendnow_state];
	coverPage_state	= [pr get_useCoverPage];
	[coverPage_cb set_active:coverPage_state];
	resolution_state = [pr get_useFineRes];	
	[resolution_cb set_active:resolution_state];
	strcpy(transmitAgent, [pr get_agent]);
	return self;

much deleted


@implementation GfaxObject
-initGfax:(gchar *)app_id :(int) argc :(gchar **) argv
	self = [super initApp:app_id :VERSION :argc :argv];

	window = [[[GfaxApp alloc] initForApp:self :(gchar **)argv] show];

	return self;


main(int argc, gchar *argv[])

	id myapp;

	myapp = [GfaxObject alloc];
	[myapp initGfax:"Gfax" :argc :argv];
	[myapp run];
	[myapp free];

	return 0;


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