Re: The future of GNOME.

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Daniel M. German wrote:
> I have been working in the creation of a tool to annotate PostScript
> and PDF (sort of what Acrobat destiller) does. The idea is to be able
> to put arrows, boxes and text on top of a PDF or PS document.  So far
> I have been looking at Ghostview and I have been tring to port it to
> GNOME. In the process, I discover that Ghostview defines an X11 Widget
> to display PostScript. Does anybody know if there is a PostScript
> widget in GTK? Anybody working on something similar? 

If you want to use EZPaint with this (and it sounds like you do, EZPaint
does arrows, boxes, and text) then waht you need is a GnomeCanvasItem that
displays PostScript. Your first decision is whether to write the
GnomeCanvasItem to render to the antialiased canvas or the Gdk canvas - 
however, in both cases you will basically be using PostScript to rasterize
to some sort of buffer, then the GnomeCanvasItem will copy that buffer to
the canvas. You could even support both canvas modes. Right this minute
EZPaint is antialiased-only but the Achtung guys may fix that.


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