Re: [PATCH] Wheelmouse support for zvtterm

Just for your information, Miguel told me that he would apply a
modified version of the patch. I suspect it was more sane than my try ;)

> As of now, this thing only exists in my brain, and I would prefer to have
> some input from the design department (if my approach makes any sense)
> and the application developers (if they would use this) before coding.

I agree that there should be full support for this in gtk+, but in the
meantime I guess developers should take care of that the button 4 and 5
events either are ignored, or taken care of. I've seen places in the
code where people simply check that it's not button 2 or 3 for example.
So when using the scroll wheel the user triggers all kinds of weird
things. One example was gmc, which Miguel fixed like 2 seconds after I
filed a bug report about it... :) Try to beat that, MS!


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