forgot to send my new try to the list:

module GNOME {
   interface FileBufferFactory {
      exception NotFound {};

      Object open (in string path) raises (NotFound);

   interface FileBuffer : GNOME::object {
      exception SaveError {};

      readonly attribute string path;

      void save () raises (SaveError);
      void save_as (in string path) raises (SaveError);
      void close ();

   interface EditorFactory : GNOME::FileBufferFactory {
      Object new ();

   interface Editor : GNOME::FileBuffer {
      exception OutOfRange {};
      exception NotFound {};

      enum SEEKFROM {
      readonly attribute unsigned long currentline;

      void scroll (in long offset, in SEEKFROM whence) raises (OutOfRange);
      unsigned long search (in string        regexp,
                            in unsigned long flags) raises (NotFound);
      void replace (in string        regexp,
                    in string        newstring,
                    in unsigned long flags) raises (NotFound);

Martijn van Beers

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