The gnome-wm script - solution of the WM problem

Hello hackers,

just found the hopeful solution of the WM problem:

* gnome-core defaults to `gnome-wm' which is a shell
  script if the --with-windowmanager parameter was not given

* This script checks whether the user set a WINDOW_MANAGER environment
  variable and - it this is the case, start that windowmanager.

* If not, it will look which WMs are installed and choose a good one
  (enlightenment, icewm, windowmaker, fvwm2, fvwm, xterm)

* It will write the name of the started WM into ~/.gnome/default.wm
  and the wm-properties-capplets will look there first to find out
  which WM is running.

For the Gnome FAQ:

Q: How do I start GNOME ?

A: Put this into your ~/.xsession

	export WINDOW_MANAGER=<whatever_WM_you_like>

Martin Baulig - -

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