Any panel wizard?


I'm at the moment hacking away at the panel code to get small sized
panels (24x24 instead of 48x48, although adding more sizes or a slider 
to select any size it easy then) seteable on a per panel basis.

most things work, setting, saving, changing size etc, just one thing:
the actual pixmaps don't get scaled because I just don't see where to
call what :-) So to see the non-clipped pixmaps one has to wait for
the next restart of the panel :-( (in other words: initialization works 
perfectly, just the switching doesn't: panels and button widgets
change size, just the PIXMAPS on them don't until next start...)

I don't want to clutter the list with the patch, but if anyone is
interested I can send it to him (I have mailed it to george lebl

If there are people wanting to hack on this I can of course simply
commit it, but i wanted to make sure that the thing will not stay in a 
half functional state for too long.


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