Re: Pixmap theme, caching and gnome-pixmaps

James Henstridge <> writes:

> Would this be a solution?
> In finish_load, to extract the pixmaps, use:
>     gpixmap->pixmap = gdk_pixmap_ref (gdk_imlib_move_image (im));
>     gpixmap->mask = gdk_imlib_move_mask (im));
>     if (gpixmap->mask)
>         gdk_bitmap_ref (gpixmap->mask);
>     gdk_imlib_free_pixmap (gpixmap->pixmap);
> This way you would have a reference to the pixmap outside of imlib's
> internal data structures, and would not get the overhead of copying the
> pixmap.

Hmmmm, this is going to leak pixmaps when pixmap caching
is turned off in imlib, because in that case, move_mask()
and move_pixmap() do steal away imlibs refcounts, I


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