Bug tracking system routing problem

Yesterday, I sent in a bug report (#832, for gnomeicu), that included a
patch as an attachment.  The system could not automatically route it, but
replied as if I had given no "Package:" line in the pseudoheading. 

I sent it in with Pine, so it broke the entire thing into Mime parts.
Thus, there were some lines in between the email header and the
pseudoheader, which probably caused the problem.  The lines in question
here are:

> ---1541008635-1784641668-921626407=:18067
> Content-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.10.9903301914472.11782@zoll.albany.eypae.com>

Since the docs encourage people sending in patches to the bug tracking
system, and attachments are the easiest way to do this, someone should
probably tweak the bug tracking system to ignore lines like the ones above
when looking for the pseudoheader.


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