Re: handling of mime-types

James Henstridge wrote:

> Take a look at the header libgnome/gnome-mime-info.h.  It will tell you
> what program should be run for a particular mime type.  You would have to
> do a substitution for the file name though.  Take a look at gnumeric's
> source code for examples.

And continuing this line of questioning.. How exactly are keys setup for mime types?
gnome_mime_needsterminal asks for a key but the actual code doesn't seem to use the key
passed in.  The comments for the function indicate it should be the "open" key, which is
what gnome_mime_program returns.  Is this for future expansion or something?

Also, what other "format" characters like %f are available for use in the "open" key?
Are there plans to expand mime type handling to parse these?


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